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Picture of the DAY: I sleep in TIGER

My MIL Ru wearing Tiger(s) pajamas

At first when my MIL Ru (dementia) opened her present she was all, “OH WOW! These are adorable”. Then someone, we’ll call her.. ME (stupid) HAD to open her mouth and be completely showing off my great depth of intelligence with, “Ru..You know what kind of PRINT these are? They’re T-I-G-E-R pajamas.” I should have considered the ramifications of mentioning that particular species of cat at a time like THIS. When so much media attention is focused on that urrrrr..animal? Not judging.

GRANNY.. I got you cheetah or I found these lovely ZEBRA.. HALLE— I could have said OSTRICH and she wouldn’t know the diff. Might have even saved myself an HOUR of heated lecture on promoting wrong doing and encouraging negative behavior. Then Ru looks at me.. horrified and blurts,

“ICK. Why on earth would you give me TIGERS pajamas?” To which I answer..minus the skill and great wisdom you’ve come to expect from me, “I didn’t SAY they’re TIGERSSSS print pajamas. Why would I gift you those? (pause while she digests this factoid) Plus.. he probably sleeps nude.” Uh huh.

That settled THAT. Time to hop in the sack with Tiger..print.

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  1. That is something that you can’t unsee.