Small Fries: The Kids Point of View

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AlienDude28Hi! Smart Alec and Alien Dude28 here.

Mom asked us to write about our experiences in living in a SANDWICH. We’re not actually IN the sandwich, more like the lower piece of bread, but we’ll write about what it’s like for a kid to share their mom with a grandma and a great-grandma who looks out for them, too.

We really enjoy all the time we get to spend with our Grandma Ruth and Marnie. We know that there are kids that don’t get to see their grandparents as much as we get to see ours.

I (Smart Alec) think it’s a good idea to call them as much as you can..even if they have “memory issues” like my grandma Ruth. Just hearing kids voices makes old people feel so good. Kids should spend time talking to their grandparents because when you’re old you have a lot of life that you have lived and know many things..even more than your mom and dad. It’s like dude..your mom has to listen to her mother-in-law or that would be a diss. If I diss… I get a time out which sucks stinks. Anyway, my tip is that you will love talking to your grandparent(s) and telling them all the things you do and they won’t ever get mad because they don’t do that.

AlienDude48 and Smart Alec

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