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If you want to send me a comment or a question (and I know you have a ton of those) I would love to hear from you. Adrienne@MySandwichGeneration.com

Just promise that you won’t ASK me if I could take care of YOUR parents because “What’s ONE more?” and you’re busy.

I would be delighted to hear from all Grand-moms out there. Just remember..guilt will NOT work on me. Please don’t ask me to take care of YOU because your daughter is busy and the last time YOU had your nails done and a facial was months ago. I might consider that to be a bit like spam and I’m not big on spam SANDWICH. Although, I do like veggie spam..tastes like the real thing.

To all my V A G U E readers: If you are currently living in an Assisted Living facility (like Killjoy Care Inc.) or Dementia Care floor ( like Happy Daze Assisted- Roam division) or at home (yours or your kid’s) and YOU are unforgettable.. contact us with your beauty tips so we may share them (or not). Adrienne@MySandwichGeneration.com

If I could.. I would give you my cell phone number. But then I might be talking to you and not paying attention to where I’m driving Ruth (or Marnie) AlienDude and Smart Alec. Because THAT’S what I do. I. drive. people. That doesn’t mean that I won’t talk. If you want me to..I’ll give you and your GROUP a mouthful of inspirational words on eldercare with less mess.

Enjoy your meal!

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