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ELDERCARE 101  Lesson 4

• Our senior family member communicates with us in a way that is drastically different than what we have known in the past. It becomes not so much about spoken words. The more subtle external cues of hands and face that are silently expressed..maybe even contradictory to the words, are far more accurate. This language takes some study. With time and focused observation of our parent, we become fluent and much more effective in the delivery of our eldercare. Once we have mastered the art of “reading face” we will have a much better understanding on the true need or action for that moment in time.


ELDERCARE 101  Lesson 3

• Never second guess the path that Alzheimer’s will take. It manifests so uniquely in each individual, just like a finger print. If a family member has Dementia..then..they have dementia. Life goes on. Each day will call on our flexibility because with Alzheimer’s change from day to day is the NORM. The new norm. Just meet your family member wherever they are on that day and enjoy the time as much as possible. Laugh, sing, cry, enjoy! Be open to that new person sitting before you and come with NO EXPECTATIONS.


ELDERCARE 101  Lesson 2

• Never forget, even though our senior family member might.. how deeply YOUR presence is felt on the quietest level of their Soul. From their intellectual level, the awareness may not be so specific as to who is there with them at any given time.. holding a hand or rubbing a back. On the level of the heart- without question, they can feel the love that radiates from you that effects them in a much more profound way. They don’t need to know who you are by name; they recognize you through your love.


ELDERCARE 101  Lesson 1

• We are asking the impossible of ourselves to give to others, when we have been more than negligent about giving to our SELF. Deep down inside of us that Self waits; hungry for the nourishment that only YOU can give to YOU. Joy, laughter, love, tenderness, help feed that SELF in the most nourishing way. Enjoy the moments with your parent or grandparent with ease and simplicity; leaving evaluation at the door. Just be with them from the quiet level of the heart and watch what compassion, empathy and silence do not only for you but for those that enjoy the glory of your attention.


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