You Say: Forum- a bit of table talk with lunch

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Welcome to CLUB BREAD!

I am a mom of MY SANDWICH GENERATION who speaks and writes on a group of fearless and incredibly naive women who recognize the importance of caring for our older family but have not found five seconds to read up on the subject..until it’s (she’s) knocking on our door. We younger moms have very LITTLE in common with our older BOOMER sisters and their experience’s in bread..ohhh no! We are members of Generation Jones and we are very realistic about the life process..we just never figured that WE would play a part in it.

Thanks to my dear (dementia clad) “I’m all that”, mother-in-law Ruth and my reckless, risk taking (95 year old) electric scooter bound granny, Marnie, my blog The Granny Diaries flows from one hysterical situation to the next— like the prune juice shots Ruth and her posse were slammin’ at RED HAT DAY  over at Happy Daze Assisted Living: Floor ROAM.

My message is this..if I, who has been shoved (unmercifully) between many thick slices of “multi-granny” bread, for the last seven years can DO this and ENJOY, laugh and yes..even sing..”la”.. then the rest of MY SANDWICH GENERATION, can too. The Granny Diaries is a blog that is humorous, real and educational; touching on situations we all may encounter as we face our ever expanding meal. My objective is to educate MY SANDWICH GENERATION on preparing the most fulfilling (and palatable) multi-generational “sandwich” for everyone who comes to the table.
On my lower half.. two Nerf Gun wielding, Lego building, non-homework doing young boys; sitting on my face (my upper slice)..the two grannies–recipient’s of my eldercare. My motto: BE PREPARED!

Soon on this page we will share with each other our own recipe’s to making our SANDWICH a more delicious and enriching mouthful.


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