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Granny Green Thumb

What game shall we play today.. oh most wise and startlingly awesome DIL? Well..I wanted to show you the lovely flowers my dear MIL. In my secret ploy to spark some of your old school memories of gardening.. we will start with the admiring of this lovely shrubbery (located in the back lot of Happy Daze Assisted). Where I will attempt to coax to the surface—perhaps ONE cognizant thought. I begin my tour by pointing out a bush over here. So Ru. If you had to guess.. what do you think THIS might be? “It’s a..” Go on. I know it’s in THERE.


YES. Good for you. THAT’S exactly what that is. Duh. And THIS kind here. What kind are THEY (smart ass)? OMG. What could I be thinking? Did I just ASK my MIL a question?

I  couldn’t stop it from exploding out of my mouth. Almost with a slow motion type of effect.. you know when the lips start to open and about a half a second later the sound comes out all bass and no treble. WHAAAAAAAAT KIIIIIIIND ARRRRRRE TTTTHHHHHEEEEEEY? The problem is I can’t seem to remember the name. This is the part where I’m SUPPOSED to resist all temptation to turn to my MIL and humble myself by asking a dementia patient the unthinkable, “Do YOU remember what it’s called?” stupid am I? Because I have now exercised the almost UNBEARABLE alternative.. asking granny. I’m going to try and finesse my way through this so that she feels no pressure to perform. Pffff. It’s not like Ru will EVER remember the name of some Latin plant anyway. Let’s call it..CHRYSANTHEMUM. THAT’S a Chrysanthemum Ru. Isn’t it pretty?

No. It’s a hydrangea.

Dang. I knew that.

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4 Replies

  1. so, i guess your ploy worked then? ;)

  2. Adrienne Oct 13th 2009

    Like a dream. A FREAKIN DREAM.

  3. I love hydrangea.

    Right now with all the rain we’ve had my flower garden looks awesome! Morning glories have taken over….

  4. Adrienne Oct 13th 2009

    Sure Tammy. Why not THROW all those flower names around in my face? LOL. Enjoy them;)