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Hammer Time

My MIL Ru.. always the PARTY girl

Both of my boys’ birthdays are coming up FAST and they DELIGHT in reminding me that it is I who is now ONE year older also. Plus.. GUESS what mom? YOU can get into Happy Daze Assisted Living and LIVE with grandma Ru in about twenty years. Won’t THAT be funnnnn? Bwahahaha. Then Alien Dude and Smart Alec fall over on the ground hitting each other and laughing wild HYENAS. We PROMISE we’ll find a really nice and semi competent girl to look after you. I can see it now. WILL YOU come visit me? We’ll send our wives. I’m SO screwed.

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2 Replies

  1. That is funny! My son would probably be doing the hyena thing right along with them. Thank goodness I’ve got a loving daughter who loves taking care of Mom. Of course that may change when she hits her teens but I can still dream dammit!

  2. Adrienne Oct 3rd 2009

    Kat.. We ALL can dream. Pffff.