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Dear Diary,

Today my MIL Ruth (dementia) and I took a little field trip to the petting zoo that just recently opened. Even though it’s ALL the way ACROSS town (the street) from Happy Daze Assisted Living.. we decided that today would be the perfect day. The best time to visit I figured is in the morning. You know.. because all the OTHER kids are all at work and ensconced in productivity meetings and such. We’ll have the WHOLE place to ourselves. Very have a nice and settled environment so granny can have meaningful interaction with the livestock.

Because I am so remarkably attuned to the needs of the elderly with cognitive impairment..I knew that the PROFOUND tactile experience she would have there.. would stimulate all kinds of thoughts. Neurons firing in a brain be quite honest— has seen better day’s years. I had to first prepare Ru for the unusual sights and smells she would encounter as we entered the zoo for the very first time. I wouldn’t want her to get massively freaked out by the conditions placed on those poor helpless soles.

Just as I thought. The minute we walked in Ruth started sniffing around. Smell can be a real memory enhancer. YOU KNOW WHAT it smells like in here? (sniff sniff) I can’t QUITE put my finger on it..but if I had to guess..(long pause) Kind of citrus notes. Nice lemony base. Yesssss. What is it RUTH..? PLEDGE. Yup. That’s the one.

Our first stop was the Leopard area. I gotta tell you.. To see these felines up CLOSE is to d-e-e-p-l-y experience Mother Nature’s most divine work. Yes Ruth. Nice kitty. Then Ruth turns to me and says with this HURKIN big smile on her face, “Can I have them? Huh? Huh? Can I?” Ruth you know what happened the LAST time you asked me to buy you a pair. You just kicked them into the back of the closet and left them there with just your old KEDS to keep them company. You never walked them or ANYTHING. You stop this tantrum right now. We begin to move along to the next point of interest and I am SO regretting bringing her. Then SILENCE. Ruth’s gleefully pointing at the most incredible creation EVAH. Across the way we see..
Pretty Kitty

the Reptile House. First we walked shuffled fast, then the next thing we know we’re hauling our booty’s at lightening speed (pfff) till we could just make out the most spectacular sight ever seen by womankind.. THE RED ONES.

How is it that they expect the SO last season snakes and the fresh Patent Leathers.. of such HIGH quality and workmanship, to co exist peacefully? Yet. They do. Ruth LOVED the cool smooth feel of the patent’s body. All SORTS of questions came to mind (surprise) “Where would I wear these?” and “Do they come in Navy? Does Selma have the same pair?” When she turned the shoe over and announced the price as a STEAL at $15.00..I had to scratch the old head. OK. That does not say $ says $1,500.00 Granny.  Hate to pee on your parade. But. yeah. I could TOTALLY see you wearing these to your Happy Hands Class. You know..with that cute pleather pant and chocolate sweater with the poly DICKIE. OH GET REAL. Then as a last MIL tried that “thing” that THEY ALL DO when they don’t get what they want. (Stomp stomp) Allllllll the girls HAVE them. Do you want MEEEEE to be the only one that doesn’t? How could you DO this to me.” Ga. Grow up now..or I’m taking you home.

They say we shouldn’t cuddle the animals because it’s a tease and the poor things might think they’re getting SPRUNG from their cages and let me tell you.. THEY most definitely ARE. NOT. We were VERY careful not to GIVE anyone that impression..including that cute ZOOKEEPER who offered all kinds of facts about the particular species we were REALLY REALLY fond of. The VALENTINO.
Ruth had the best time and was so appreciative of our outing. She can’t WAIT until we visit all of our little friends again. What did I get out of.. the big adventure at the zoo? I got the BIGGEST hug..I do think I have EVER gotten. Hey. Ummm.. I’m over HERE.
Ru giving me a hug.

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3 Replies

  1. you really are an awesome daughter-in-law….I love the photo of her with the huge grin. And the Valentino species - LOL

  2. Adrienne Sep 17th 2009

    Ohhhh how sweet of you to say dear Carma! Let me just say..THOSE Valentinos would put a smile on any face.

  3. widdlydids Sep 17th 2009

    Oh 2 have use 4 beautiful shoes! Thou mine do get used as comic stompers, on the feet of a 2yrold! 1 does wonder, what he would do if he got his hads on the goods, that r hidden in the back of the cupboard, hiding there waiting 4 the day they will come back out 2 play!
    The smile we woman get when we hold a beautiful handcrafted piece of art in our hands. That would turn us in2 a living artpiece on display..”Valentino Shoes”