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Picture of the DAY: Pin Head

Ru asking if she should THROW the pin at me.

Yes. This is exactly what it looks like. A simple picture, gone terribly astray. Was I scared? HALLE YEAH I WAS. I’m like, Ru.. if you throw that bowling pin at me— like you’re telling me you’re about to do and I die.. you’re driving the kids home. And.. that’s not all. I promise you this.. YOU will NEVER remember where we parked the car. Then what are you going to do? Huh?

Good on me because THAT piece of pointless wisdom gave her cause to think.. for all of 3/10 of a second. Then out of my sweet MIL’s mouth comes the MOST sinister laugh you guys. Oh I still shudder in fear. Followed by the plans of a thinly veiled plot beginning to hatch..

“THEN we’ll just have to HITCH a ride home. So R-U-N!”

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4 Replies

  1. hilarious. sounds like she’s a kick to hang out with. hasn’t lost it at all.

  2. widdlydids Apr 7th 2010

    Thanks to my beautiful boys who decided to share their lovely flu of high temps. & pains. Baby Si decides that now he is better, he well continue on his quest for my head region. Hitting it with things like; wooden spoons as I bend to eat his pretend food. Or for the fun the camera in the face trick, when he doesn’t want his photo taken.
    So to-the-rum,
    Thank you

  3. Adrienne Apr 7th 2010

    Dear Ky, Hope the kids feel better. Also hope that baby Si sticks to wooden spoons which keep in mind, cause seriously LESS head trauma the a bowling pin. Pass the bottle;)

  4. Adrienne Apr 7th 2010

    Dear My, Please come and hang out with my MIL.. why YES she is a kick. I promise you’ll have sooooo much fun. Are you a good runner? LOL