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Picture of the DAY: Who’s THAT girl?

The UPPER slice of my sandwich

I showed this snapshot to my MIL Ru and I’m like, RU.. Do you know who these people are in this picture? Then she’s holding it— scrutinizing the faces and looks up asking for clarification, “THESE people HERE? Please note.. she asks this NOT because she has dementia (even though she does).. but because.. you know— in case I was messing with her head and I was gonna pull out another snap and go, AHHHHH HA! Tricked your sorry arse suckahhh. You are sorely mistaken. I really meant THESE people HERE (pulling out picture of Jonas brothers from OTHER pocket). YOU owe me FIVE BUCKS. Not that I have or would EVER do that. Ever.

I knew Ru had the answer, the minute she started to bring the photo up to her nose to sniff.. then show intent to scratch it.

“AAACK It’s not the smelly kind. Just take a guess because one of those people is YOU.”

Then surprise! She guesses on the very first try setting me back five smackers and you know me. Instead of doing the SMART thing and moving on to more PRODUCTIVE tasks ( and never you mind what) I keep pushing my luck even further. Double or nothin’ Ru. AND if THAT’S you on the right.. who do you think those OTHER people are?



Well, it looks like granny MARNIE is on the left.

Well I’m SO doing the victory dance over this, for that only leaves ONE more person to guess and how hard can THAT be, right?


that’s my mother in the middle.

Yup. That otta to teach me.

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