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Picture of the DAY: The first SAG of SPRING

My MIL Ru.. life is looking UP

In honor of SPRING.. a time of renewal and freshly blooming hope.. I turn my attention to my MIL Ru. Ummmm.. Do you see any signs of JOWL’S on this woman? GA. OK. Never mind. Let’s move along.. to TURKEY NECK. Now look carefully. Certainly THAT loose neck wattle has to show up at some point.. right? Pfffft. Or wait.. I know what would be unattractive.. heh heh. Could she not sprout some sort of hairy mole someplace prominent. We NEED you to do that Ru. Sprout something. You know.. to keep the fantasy alive that growing old makes one all.. nasty looking with the personality of unicorn dung. That might be nice. THEN I might actually feel.. SORRY FOR YOU.

Some of us MUCH younger woke up this morning and found something that bared a striking resemblance to CHEEK BONES on THEIR face. I know. Woo Hoo! I look thinner. Except, as I continued looking downward I was like, WAIT a minute. What are these cute pinchable JOWLS doing hanging off MY double chin? Then I quickly look downward to see if the OTHER hanging accoutrements where still in place.. which they were. Phew.

You on the other hand are the one that’s supposed to be OLD Ru.. where’s your proof dude?

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  1. widdlydids Mar 22nd 2010

    I happened to be looking for something last night. Happened to see a picture of myself 9 years ago. I felt scared. Wow! that wasn’t a great look I can tell you, the double chin after baby number 2. Baby number 4 can do wonders four my figure 2 when I reach down 2 pick him up all day.
    Thank You again for the laugher
    xx Ky