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Picture of the DAY: Lucky Charm

My lucky charm.. Ru

I am going to prove to you right here and now.. contrary to popular belief.. not ALL old people are the same. I know. I know. All the old folks that YOU’VE ever been around have been so sweet, loving and never EVER told you to SHUT THE HALLE UP cuz where do you think you are.. the boys locker room? Oh don’t YOU wish Selma.

Yeah. Good for you that y’all have such a healthy view of aging and so much freakin’ tolerance. Achhhh… You’re alllll a bunch of liars— cuz I’ve read your tweets and your posts and I KNOW you think old people are a cranky, mean spirited lot.. but you’re WRONG.

See that little leprechaun above.. the one with the gleam in her bad eye and the impish grin? THAT my friends is the NEW face of old. Radiant, happy and although a smidge forgetful at times.. Supremely fulfilled. Do you know why? Because she “gets lucky” THAT’S why.

Pardon me Ru.. might we rephrase that so there’s no misunderstanding?

“I’m the lucky one because I’m loved and have you by my side.. and..”


“you’re the BEST sister a girl could have.”

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  1. widdlydids Mar 16th 2010

    I brought my neally 80 year old Nannie Movie vouchers for Christmas and Birthdays. She loves the way I address my the packagers with artwork & fancy writing. But 2 Friday’s ago I was in a bit of a hurry, while mailing….
    Received telephone call the other day: Please next time when you write my name Tuck, please don’t cross the ‘T’ through the middle of the Capital letter. It just that it goes through the main office.
    Ok I say. Hours later it hit me want I had done…

  2. Adrienne Mar 17th 2010

    LOVE it!