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Happy Birthday Granny

My MIL Ru had a fantastic birthday right up to the point when SOMEONE took it upon herself to answer questions for the birthday girl.. that she probably would have been able to answer HERSELF. Maybe MARION.. had you given her more then THREE seconds before shouting out the WRONG answer she could have pulled it off WITHOUT your help. Ever think of THAT you little svengali?

Not only that.. my guess is that you shot out “NINETY-TWO” in some pathetic attempt to confuse Ru more and make YOURSELF feel better. Did you stop there? Ohhh noooo you most certainly did NOT. You transfer your own selfish desires to my MIL.. thinking somehow she could make it happen for the BOTH of you, with the whole “WISH for a GOOD LOOKING MAN” instruction. Hmpf. I’m sure my MIL would n-e-v-e-r even think to wish for something like THAT..
after she already asked me to pick one up to jump out of her cake.

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  1. widdlydids Jan 20th 2010

    that is a crack up…so laughing! Reminders me of the house I live in…!