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PICTURE of the day- Quit playing with it

MIL Ru playing with the toys

You know what we have here? We have a BLATENT misuse of natural resources. That’s right. I for one— am SHOCKED that my MIL Ru (dementia) who has numerous times defended in her pithy lectures to me the IMPORTANCE of reuse of dirty KLEENEX as shirt stuffing and disposable Pedicure thongs as a cute little ballet flat that goes with everything (because there are people in the world who have NEVER even OWNED a ballet flat) would go and WASTE like a gallon of liquid soap for a cheap THRILL.

At first glance you’re all..well THERE’S a woman who puts cleanliness way high on her list because she is so AWARE (gag me) of all the sickness going around these days. What you don’t know is.. we had been in this ONE stall bathroom at Happy Daze Assisted, for— I would say, no less then 35 minutes playing at the sink with the new ELECTRIC SOAP dispenser, when SOMEONE started banging on the door. Did we stop our playing for who we THINK was Marion.. a woman notorious for her ZERO bowel and bladder control.. in order for HER to use the bathroom? No. We most certainly DID. NOT. Did we know what we were doing was wrong..even bordering on immoral? Yes. Yet.. because Ru was having SO much fun (just like the slots in VEGAS) we kept at it. Poor Marion.

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  1. widdlydids Nov 19th 2009

    That is the sweetest & funniest, blog ~ I have been allowed 2 read…of later Poo de Poop……!

  2. Adrienne Nov 19th 2009

    Oh how I wish you were there!

  3. how much do I love this blog design? much!!

  4. Adrienne Nov 19th 2009

    Why thank you for that.

  5. As we get older, we have to take our thrills where we can get them - consequences be damned! Poor Marion, though LOL