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Welcome to Dementia High

Cool GirlDear Diary,

Some things NEVER change! How is it that the “cool” girls in High school can still wield such immense power–sixty-five years AFTER their reign? They huddle together at lunch while waiting for their cream based soups and meatloaf surprise, whispering about the “poor unfortunates” who wander the halls waiting for their “mother” to pick them up. “Your mother has to pick you up?” asks eighty-five year old Selma to eighty-seven year old Kitty, “don’t you have a car?”, Selma’s BFF Virginia gasps, casting sideways glances at the other cool girls all nodding in agreement. “Well, we all drive” Selma continues, putting emphasis on all, “what a shame you can’t.”
Finally when I’d had enough with the exchange I made a point of telling Selma and her posse that it wasn’t Kitty’s mother who was picking her up, it was a limo (never mind that it was Happy Daze Assisted Living’s limo) and that she was going out to visit her heart doctor.A hush fell over the table…Kitty was going OUT!

Well, you should have seen how fast those grannies sucked up to Kitty! The pride was beaming so bright, that the glow was bouncing of the bald spot on Odneys head and causing Ruth to cover her already dark shaded eyes. Nothing better than joining the ranks of COOL GIRL!

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