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And here’s Granny…

Granny 1 and 2Dear Diary,

Went to pick up Grandma Ruth (mother-in-law) today to get her hair done. Flew to the elevators so fast to make the appointment time and in doing so caused a half dozen residents to scurry for cover. Up I went and before the elevator doors had fully opened, was down the hall and pushing open the faux bookcase, key padded door to Dementia Ville, USA. “Oh look!” there goes Harriet with her stuffed dog Fido. “Uh oh!” I chide Harriet, looks like puppy did a doo-dee. “No”, I’m scolded and given a big hug. “Fido is a good dog”, “Fido wants to go for a walk!” her voice gets slightly louder. “Fido wants to go OUT for a walk, NOW.” “Rats!” what did I get myself into…Turning the corner, I catch her out of the corner of my eye– my Ruth. “Lets get outta here”, she whispers. “It’s a bit nutty today.” Today? Pleeeeze!
Loong day…it just gets better!

Over and out!

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