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Sleeping..Doughnut Disturb

DoughnutsDear Diary,

Ruth is the Paris Hilton of the Dementia floor; if there’s a good party, Granny will be there…if there isn’t one then she’ll m-a-k-e one happen around her. It really makes no difference if all the OTHER residents are asleep in their beds.. all it takes is a loud knock on her girlfriend’s doors or a shout out, “WHERE IS EVERYBODY?” at 2:00 am, to get the party STARTED. If they don’t come out then she’s going in and kick those grannies into full gear. Then it’s all lampshades on heads and whooping and hollering (table dancing is a thing of the past..not too distant past I hear for FAYE) and the joint is in full swing. This can go on till the wee hours of the morning and then it’s the WALK OF SHAME back down the hall to find the right BEDROOM. This can be as difficult for Ruth as it is for Paris..but RUTH has an EXCUSE.. Sundowning. I would actually rename this term Sunupping, because no respectable diva/ rock-star would be caught a party that starts before 7:00pm. I guess the term is used for the people who like to start the party early..a little pre-game confusion (understandable given agonizing decisions made over shoes and dress) that continues throughout the night (also understandable given difficult venue choices..Shirley’s room first then Greta’s? Marie’s at 1:00am followed by Nancy’s at 3:00am?).

Let’s be clear that Ruth doesn’t do this every night. How could she and still look so fab in the morning? It’s too bad that her roommates look exhausted..dark circles under bloodshot eyes and all hung over and half asleep on their walkers. They shuffle in to the dining room complaining all the while of the lights being too bright and their table mates breathing being too loud. When I walk in it’s one collective GGGRRROOOAAAN! Thanks guys..nice warm greeting whats the matter two hours NOT ENOUGH sleep for you?
Ruth can pull these all nighters just like a pro and the up side is no paparazzi snapping photos on cell phones. Just the aides, journaling away all the exploits of my Ruth and her wild ways.

Sisters of MY SANDWICH GENERATION many of you pledged sororities at one time or another. I was a Sigma Kappa; Ruth’s a Gramma Pi Dementia. Really what is the difference? Nothing beats an all nighter..we laughed, joked and gossiped and in the morning we’d get dressed for class, grab some coffee and doughnuts and get on with the day. Ruth’s “HOUSE” for the SENIOR GRAMMA pledges, is not such a bad way of life. Plus, just like us..they never remember that it ever happened.



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