Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes..

Knees and ToesDear Diary,

I am constantly reminded by both grannies, Ruth and Marnie, that “aches and pains are just a part of getting old..dear.” Just when the tennis elbow stops its throbbing protests, the runners knee’s add their few cents worth into the mix. Today, Ruth was berating herself for her sheer lack of hamstring stretches and spotty attendance at Killer Commando Abs 1984. We visit the possibility that IF she had skipped the 75% off, not to be day only blow out sale at LOEHMANS and gone to class, then maybe her back would not be as sore as it was today. We examined this point from JUST ABOUT every conceivable angle.. but it was my closing argument..”maybe the back WOULD have been stronger, but she may have gone down a notch in hotness if that Oscar D dress hadn’t been as hastily acquired and Patsy had gotten to it FIRST! Well, THAT put a rather abrupt halt to any other mussing on said back ache.

Many of you have asked the question about Ruth and the authenticity of her UGGS (please see past blog). First of all, just so we never ever have to visit this point again..for the record..Ruth NEVER wears fakes (shoes). That being said..we’ll talk about the sock stuffing episode another time. I took Ruth to NORDSTROM at the most quiet, settled, off hours (9:00am-9:00pm, drat this economy) to look for a nice pair of comfortable slip-ons that can help ease the discomfort of her corn infiltrated foot. We find the UGGS and Ruth tries them on and shuffles around on them and comes back, plops down and with toothy grin says “they’re good.” I, glance at the sticker on the box and cringe (blah..such a fib..I know darn well what UGGS cost..any COOL girl worth her salt does) and say to Ruth, “are they $99.95 good?” To which Ruth replies “sure.. maybe $50 good?”

Me: But what does THAT mean $50 good? They’re $ you love them $99.95?

Ruth: Sure, I love them $99.95..but I’d love them a lot more at $50. Will they take $50?

Me: My head hurts.

Ruth looooves her new UGGS. She tells me every day how fabulous they are, and how comfortable they are and how someday maybe I will be fortunate enough to have some myself. ..

Mothers of My Sandwich Generation, at any age..we should never sacrifice comfort and joint health for style. We could sustain a multitude of aches from our high heel wearing (BCBG anyone?) ways, that might just surface when we’re 82. We’ll have only ourselves to blame that’s for darn sure. One can only fervently hope and pray that OUR children are taking notes and understand the no casual brand name slippers for us rule. Don’t bank on it.. UGG.

..knees and toes!

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