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Picture of the DAY: Russian Roulette


This should explain it all. It’s a visual aid to demonstrate where my MIL Ru is in her dementia. I like to call it “Russian roulette”. Once “Vanna” spins the wheel.. the potential thoughts tumble around and around in a predictable COUNTER clockwise direction.. coming to rest on something that will come as a complete surprise to all of us. This is where it gets exciting, because THEN it’s all about CHOOSING the thought closest to her mouth FEELINGS and blurting it out with wild abandon for all to hear—

“I can see your nipples through your shirt. Is it supposed to be that way?”

It’s a system that serves her well.

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5 Replies

  1. I am love the idea of Wheel of Fortune for all dementia.

  2. I don’t like to compare a grown woman to a child but that sounds just like something my daughter (9) would say. Something tells me that adults with dementia and children have a very similar Wheel in their heads. It can be kind of endearing unless they’re talking about your nipples in a room full of people ;)

  3. Adrienne May 18th 2010

    Ahhhhh… Believe me when I say Kat, dementia isn’t a prerequisite for this one, but it does give me some really awesome moments:)

  4. I love the giant artwork! It seems very appropriate to your dementia description - random spinning thoughts… where in the world is it?!

  5. Adrienne May 18th 2010

    You know where it is? In front of a LIBRARY of all things. Where Ru and I go frequently to look at the books on the REAL bookcases.. as opposed to the painted on ones on her faux bookcase key padded door on the ROAM (Random occasional Accidental Memory) floor. Love hearing from you sweetie! -A