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The RAW Untold Story

Lunch with my girls.. Marnie and Ru

Dear Diary,

I’ve made the executive decision that the next time I get granny Marnie and my MIL Ru together for lunch.. I’m selling tickets. Probably through ticket master, because I wouldn’t be able to handle the crush of sales by all the throngs who want to witness first hand Marnie trying to explain to Ru for OVER 15 minutes.. the hideous mistake she’s making by ordering a burger at Killjoy Senior Living, medium rare. If you want the burger to turn out medium rare you have to order it RARE Ru. AND even though I know you have this thing called dementia.. I’m going to take the time to go into great depth as to why you must order the drated burger RARE. I’m going to blather on and on explaining that HERE, 78.9% of the time, the CHEFS (for lack of a better word) will overcook the top quality Chuck Wagon you’ll soon be served and if you want it to turn out WELL.. you have to order it RARE.

“But I thought I wanted it medium.. not well.”

I want it WHAT?

You do Ru— but what you really WANT right now.. is to run. Quick! As fast and as far as your little legs will take you without bashing into anything. I was beginning to wonder how Marnie was missing the fact that Ru’s eyes were beginning to roll back in her head. She’s quoting statistics; she’s reviewing percentages— should we place BETS? Geeezuz. Then Ru decides to throw Marnie a curve ball. What happens should the chef decide that he was gonna bring it today? THIS could be that TIME, that the burger when ordered rare upon your recommendation.. will have a succulent sushi like texture. What sayeth you oh illustrious electric scooter girl?

“It won’t. I just know it. Waiter! She’ll have the sweet potato fries too.. raw.”

The best lunch.. EVAH

Then.. they had a few drinks.

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5 Replies

  1. I love these ladies! Considering them for backup should I ever leave my couch and tour.

  2. Adrienne Apr 16th 2010

    I’ll tell you what Valerie.. they’d do it in a heart beat. But knowing THEM there would need to be some ummmmm.. SUBSTANTIAL compensation;)

  3. widdlydids Apr 17th 2010

    Baby Si loved the singing. ‘Again Again’ he asked. I must say tho. I do love the little hand over the mouth at the end. Toast to that glass of wine at the end of a long day..alot of free kisses xxx Ky Annie

  4. I cannot begin to tell you how much I love them.

  5. Adrienne Apr 17th 2010

    I will ABSOLUTLEY tell them so! Thank you so much.. it really warms MY heart to hear.