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Picture of the DAY: Fairyland


I showed this to my MIL Ru, thinking (or not) that she would totally get a feeling of enchantment and wonder out of the shot. What do you know? She did. Ru held it up really close to her face, studying it from every imaginable angle before exclaiming.. with what I swear were tears glistening in her eyes, “There’s something wrong with my glasses. Do you see a big giant splotch of blur in the middle of the bush?”

YES. Exactly what I was going for. Because THAT fuzzy spot Ru is NOT your macular degeneration.. it’s a FAIRY. Can’t you seeeeee the fairy? She’s manifesting herself in the middle of this blooming Magnolia, for only the pure of heart to recognize her true identity.

Where? I don’t see a fairy.


“You KNOW we have people HERE that can H-E-L-P you.”

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6 Replies

  1. widdlydids Apr 15th 2010

    I thought I just had to go deep within myself again to find the person that lives. But you took me there before I had to do it all by myself again. You make my heart sing. But you already know that.
    Love Ky Annie The kisses are free

  2. Adrienne Apr 15th 2010

    Oh thank you so much for that Ky.. little magical fairy girlfriend;)

  3. I love this blog. I found you from Twitter and will be sure to visit regularly.

  4. I love the fairy. We have pics of them from all over campus and town. More like golden orbs. Pretty cool. When my friend left her body (she had breast cancer) last June they flew up to her window & my other two friends saw them. At that same time her husband called down to them to come back because she was gone. Pretty cool way for a saint to go huh?

  5. Adrienne Apr 15th 2010

    Dear Kaeli, Ahhh.. those sweet elusive fairies. And so busy they are.. what with the teeth gig and all. Haven’t seen one around our place for awhile.. we’re at the flushing of the teeth stage. I’m sorry about your friend, but it sounds like she’s in the best of hands. All best! -A

  6. Adrienne Apr 15th 2010

    Thank you Daisy.. so glad you found us! LOVE the company!