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Picture of the DAY: HOLE PAIN

As you all know I love my MIL Ru VERY much. That being said— it is this VERY deep unflinching (pffffft) DEVOTION that makes it near impossible to refuse her the opportunity to do whatever she likes.. whenever she likes. Including making some audition tape for American Idol when the idea hits (rises up from the murky depths).. in the back alley of her dentists parking lot. For the entire 20-minute drive to the dentist office I got to hear the melodious strains of THIS song over and over. Ru singing her heart out.. in the pathetic HOPE that I might be the one to make the suggestion FIRST about the Idol tape. Oh I HAD ideas all right— in fact my one single thought was to pull the car over and extract the tooth MYSELF so we both would suffer. Maybe a slightly PITCHY howling, rather then the off key moaning is just what the song needs to give you the ticket to HOLLYWOOD baby. Honestly why do we even need to fix the “hole in your HEAD that your tongue keeps playing with” Ru? You lose the hole and THEN you’ve got nothing to do for fun in your down time.

I know what you’re thinking and I promise neither one of us had any drugs what so EVER.. at this point. My only hope is that Simon will pardon Ru’s song choice.. when you have dementia you tend to go with the first thing that pops into your head.

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6 Replies

  1. What struck me out the whole darn thing is she looked happy. I’m thinking that is because of you! How lucky she is :)

  2. Adrienne Feb 10th 2010

    Thank You Amy..we have a darn good time together ((snort)). LOL

  3. widdlydids Feb 10th 2010

    wow…2 hear you both laughing 2gether, the cutest thing ever…! I have a :) on my face…!

  4. Adrienne Feb 10th 2010

    Truth be told Widdly.. I’ve watched it about thirty times and crack up every time I see it. Thank you dear..YOU put a smile on my face!

  5. Don’t know which one of you is luckier. And BTW, I really hope that going with the first thing that pops into your head doesn’t mean you necessarily have dementia… or I’ve had it since I was two!
    Love your site.

  6. Adrienne Feb 13th 2010

    Ahhhh (sigh) so true.. I’m totally the lucky one. LOL Thanks so much Kathy!