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Picture of the DAY: Brow Beaten

Marnie Brows #1Marnie Brows #2

Scared.. MUCH? OK. Come back here.  I k-n-o-w how you guys like to voice your opinions.. especially when seated a safe distance away from the HORRIFIC reality that I do so enjoy on a daily basis. So here’s what I want you to do— Please look CLOSELY at the subtle differences in brow design that my granny Marnie (electric scooter girl) sported this morning. Yeah, it’s HARD to tell.. but even to the untrained eye you should be able to catch the interesting shading techniques done by TWO totally different makeup artists. Pfffft. I don’t want to give it all away.. but ONE set of brows greeted me at the door this morning with the wearer quite proud of the little “loopy” deal she painstakingly added to customize her own interpretation of Pretty Baby.. meets Whatever Happened to Baby Jane.. meets constipated LOOK. You’ll find it shocking that I didn’t share the same enthusiasm for her talents as she did— being one who feels that slasher brows have a tendency to look HARSH and yes, even a bit matronly on the.. LIVING.

I’ve been known to be wrong on occasion and for this reason I ask that YOU vote for the brows YOU think are the most attractive and flattering for the mature face. Keeping in mind all the while.. that if you screw me just to have a giggle.. and I’m FORCED to look at those slasher brows tomorrow— FORGET you people. I will so march her SCOOT her sorry little self BACK into the bathroom and scrub them the HALLE off.. a-g-a-i-n. That being said.. The POLLS are open.

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  1. Okay I will give you my verdict… I think that the second ones are best BUT only if not worn with a baby doll dress. In which case we want the first ones.