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We Got Busted at the Border- Vacation Part 2

SmartAlec showing a part of his heist

Dear Grandma Ru,

How’s it going? I am writing this postcard to you while my mom and dad are in the Canadian CUSTOMS office trying to finagle their way out of being found guilty of aiding and abetting small and innocent children in a rock smuggling operation. It turns out..that those rocks we found— they’re actually GEODE’S and assorted SCHIST. Hee hee hee (snort). No.. That’s not a swear word. It’s a kind of rock we discovered while digging around the (front) of our fancy hotel. Well..we ALSO found some (laying) around the Starbucks parking lot, behind the McDonalds dumpster..ummmm. Oh yeah— in a  koi pond. You should have seen the one AlienDude found in that pond..must have weighed 45 Lbs. it was no easy feat to sneak that slippery little sucker into our duffel bag without getting busted. But..We. Did.

Hiding the contraband

Everything was going along great until the customs guy asked dad, “Did you bring anything back with you?” Dad H-A-D to open his mouth and say, “KNICK KNACKS”. Seriously. What’s a knick knack? Well..That’s JUST what the border guard wanted to know. So then dad says, “Just some rocks.” Say what? JUST some rocks? We had to correct dad RIGHT AWAY.

“Excuse me dad”, we say. “Those aren’t just any kind of random rock..we found PRICELESS TREASURES. Really valuable gems and crystals and..”

The customs guy pokes his head through the back car window where we were sitting and says, “How many rocks would you say you’ve got packed?” My brother and I counted them up in our head and told him our guesstimate was about 150 or so. “PULL OVER.”

Our now impounded vehicle

We got out of our car.. and Mom and dad told us to be cool. Don’t say ANYTHING else that might incriminate us. But then..something caught our eye. It was AMAZING. We felt compelled to hide it under our coat..because it would be so AWESOME to add it to our collection.

Our best find.

We had a really great time in Canada and we hope someday we will be FORGIVEN for taking all of their rocks and be allowed to visit there again. Can you come pick us up? We’re getting tired of waiting.

AlienDude and SmartAlec waiting patiently


AlienDude and SmartAlec

P.S. We wish you were last time when this happened.

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2 Replies

  1. Seriously….they pulled you over for rocks?! LOL Border checks can be so dumb! ha
    Love the seated picture, they almost look to be consoling each other until you see they are trying to choke one another out. Awesome ha ha

  2. Adrienne Aug 26th 2009

    Karie- You can’t BELIEVE how l-o-n-g we sat there talking to the customs guy. Pleeeeze. All the while.. holding up a line of cars that went as far as the eye can see. Feh. Get some “rock” sniffing dogs would cha;)