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Picture of the DAY: Paparazzo

Red Hat Day

People who will remain unnamed, but whose name rhymes with M-a-r-i-o-n, have been threatening me all morning. Apparently, I either take THEIR picture and NOT just that of my MIL Ru’s, immediately upon arrival to the big Red Hat Day extravaganza’s “step and repeat” (and repeat and repeat) area or else be prepared for an ALL KINDS of CRAZY scene.. with screaming, flailing, walker throwing.. the works. Unless they get their way and THEIR face is posted on my “GLOG” site immediatly.

Hands on the hip.. yeah, the GOOD HIP. Now show me pouty Marion. Let’s have you stand a bit more upright.. (Click) Nice. Now a smidge less drool and H-O-L-D IT.. hold it. You’re dancing Marion. I can’t get my shot.

“I’m holding it..”

Turn right. There you go. Could you maybe pull that hat lower? I feel like we need to cover more of your.. face.

OK.. now I want you to look RIGHT at my camera. Could someone face her in the right direction and give me my shot. OVER HERE Marion. Marion.. sweetie. See this thing I’m looking into right now? Marion.. GA! Stick your dentures BACK in the mouth dear. Good now.. CRIPES! Quit shaking your head like that. You just lost your hair piece. Blanche.. can you stick that THING laying on the floor on Marions head? Not the KLEENEX.. the OTHER THING. Yeah.. the dead kitty. Stick it on her.. now turn it around.

One. Two. Three. (click)

Fantastic dear. Look at this.. what do you think?

I look like I’m..


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3 Replies

  1. Oh boy! Thanks for my morning laugh! What a great way to start my day :-))) Sticking the dead kitty on my head, and dancing off to do some laundry. xox

  2. Adrienne May 25th 2010

    You know Tracey-Lee.. that kitty becomes you;)

  3. The Red Hats are a terrorist group. I know this because my aunt is a member and she’s fucking crazy.