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Picture of the DAY: Everything’s coming up ROSES

My MIL Ru smelling the ROSES?

I have problems.. Oh you guys stoppppppp it. As I was saying— I’m having a problem convincing my MIL Ru that it’s still WINTER when certain indicators brought to you by Mother Nature are messing with her head (as if I don’t have enough to contend with) and causing her to think to the contrary. As we were driving home from having Ru’s corn removed at the foot doctor. Who by the way.. was so ADORABLE that we hardly minded at ALL that after he clipped Ru’s nails.. he completely spaced and forgot to file or apply polish. What’s with that? I KNOW. Ga. Medical schools.

Ru was noticing that we were sure having a “nice hot summer” because first YES.. the sun was out, but I also had the heat cranked up to EIGHTY and I was all.. OK. No. Would you believe it’s actually STILL winter? Then she’s “Well.. if it’s w-i-n-t-e-r, explain why that fella in the car next to us has his convertible top down?” Oh you mean the gentleman trying to peer over the steering wheel why he peals down the street going 25 mph with his stylish comb over blowing in the wind? That guy? How the heck should I know?

As we pull our car up to Happy Daze Assisted I caught the most amazing scent wafting past.

“Ru.. did you smell THAT? It smells like HAWAII.”

Yup. That was dumb because.. HELLO? You KNOW exactly what’s coming next don’t you?

“Is THAT where we are? Hawaii? I can’t REMEMBER the last time we were here.”

I said it SMELLLLLLS like Hawaii.

Ru looks at me and without missing a beat says, “What do you expect? You dumped half a bottle of gardenia perfume on me. Rememberrrrr?

I WILL tell you this.. Summer will be here soon enough so stop and take time to smell the.. ummm.. ROSES?

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  1. widdlydids Mar 2nd 2010

    Ooh to the beautiful smell of summer, which we have at the moment. Thank goodness my home smells of suncream, salt & lots of sand mixed with my frangipanni washing powder - (which by the way the Supermarket in which I shops. Likes to point out to me, just how much I pay per kg, just to have this smell in my home.)
    It is the other smells of summer that I don’t enjoy, which don’t come from my house are the ones that cause me great pain to my nose region.
    Sweet smells
    From Ky

  2. Adrienne Mar 2nd 2010

    Ohhhh yummmm. I would SO buy frangipanni powder in a heart beat if we had it. You are LUCKY, my little girl down under<3