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Picture of the DAY: Stunning

My MIL Ru turns to my iphone for entertainment

I’m going to completley stand by my decision to go running onto the dementia floor with my iphone lightsaber app. set on Rahm Kota the Jedi Master and start zapping away like a total lunatic all the while shouting, STAND BACK or I’ll blast the crap out of you bwhahahah. All the commotion MAY have caused some s-l-i-g-h-t paltry increase in confusion for a few individuals who were startled awake and started shrieking, “GAWD! They’re letting in ALL kinds up here aren’t they? Who are you supposed to be.. BATMAN? Hey batman! Why don’t you make yourself useful and help me find a bathroom PRONTO.

Awwww. TAKE THAT Selma (zap) and THAT (zap zap).

I win! I win!

“What about me?” came the familiar cry of my MIL Ru.

“What about YOU? You wanna try.. is THAT it? Why don’t you wait a minute and when I’m done shooting Roger.. I’ll put the SPIN ART app. on. That would be fun.”

Aren’t you gonna let ME tase her?” Ru is patiently waiting her turn and it is then that I notice all the residents start to roam (quickly) toward the hallway with pushing and shoving and shouts of  “we’re all gonna die and we haven’t had lunch”. The lightsabre had fallen into the wrong hands.. of none other then— the ultra scary.. Darth Ru.

Excitedly grabbing the weapon out of my hands granny starts to furiously wave it around till she finds her mark.. Selma. Then she’s all “Selma.. the front seat on the bus belongs to WHOM?” and Selma get really nervous and starts to sing like a baby, “I didn’t know you were coming back from the bathroom when I took it (zapppppp) (zappppp) (zapppp).

“Is she gone yet?”

Here.. CATCH!

Way to add a little excitement through the wonders of technology to an otherwise dull day. You know what THIS proves.. forget the Happy Hands class’ people. The iphone applications are easily used by people with ALLLLL sorts of declining cognitive abilities and can be a useful learning tool (Angry Birds and Brick Breaker Revolution on EASY).

There was one problem.. Ru was concerned that she might cause serious injury to someone.. when she throws it.

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